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December 2020

Welcome to our newsletter. 

Well, it is almost the end of 2020!!!

October 2020

Welcome to our newsletter.

It’s hard to believe how fast we are approaching the end of the year  –  and we feel everyone might be pleased to see the end of 2020 for one reason or another!!!

September 2020

Welcome to our newsletter.

Spring is here, NSW daylight savings starts at 2am (eastern standard time) on 4th October, and Christmas is only 94 days away!!!

August 2020

Welcome to our newsletter.

Spring is almost here and it’s only 119 days until Christmas.  The year is flying –  but some people might be glad to see the end of 2020, but we are always feeling positive here!!!

July 2020

Welcome to our newsletter.  We trust you and your family are safe and well.

July is one of the most popular months for retirement.  It represents the start of a new financial year so it could be good timing if you are in line for a large taxable lump sum, such as long service leave or annual leave.  Feel free to discuss your particular situation with one of our financial planners…

Our Latest News

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, and we increase face-to-face appointments, we need your help to ensure everyone can stay safe during your visit.

We suggest you:

  • Inform the office in advance if you have had any COVID-19 symptoms like a fever, cough, or other flu-like symptoms OR have been around anyone who has had COVID-19 or is self-isolating.                                               
  • Use the hand sanitizer at the front of our office before entering into your appointment.                                              
  • Maintain a safe distance and remember, don’t shake hands or exchange physical greetings.

We are still offering video conference (ZOOM) appointments and phone appointments as an option for everyone. 

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